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"Arabic: a necessary Grammar is an up to date and functional reference advisor to an important elements of the language. appropriate for rookies, in addition to intermediate scholars, this e-book deals a powerful beginning for studying the basic grammar constructions of Arabic. The complexities of the language are set out in brief, readable sections and workouts and examples are supplied throughout."--BOOK JACKET. 1. The Arabic Script, Transliteration, Alphabet 2. Pronunciation of Consonants three. Punctuation, Handwriting four. Vowels five. Saddah, Noun instances, Nunation because the Indefinite shape 6. lengthy Vowels 7. Hamzah, the Maddah signal eight. sure Articles nine. solar and Moon Letters 10. Gender eleven. Conjunctions, Prepositions, the Particle 12. The Idafah development thirteen. quantity, twin, Plural 14. excellent annoying Verbs, Roots and Radicals 15. Separate own Pronouns, Suffix Pronouns sixteen. Demonstrative Pronouns 17. Imperfect demanding Verbs 18. Derived Verb varieties 19. Passive Verbs 20. principles for Writing the Hamsah 21. damaged Plurals, Collective Nouns 22. Diptotes and Triptotes 23. Participles, Verbal Nouns 24. Interrogative debris and Pronouns, Vocative debris 25. Adjectival styles 26. Inna and its Sisters, Kana and its Sisters 27. Relative Pronouns, Relative Clauses 28. Moods 29. Doubled Verbs 30. Verbs with Hamzah 31. Verbs with the susceptible preliminary Radical 32. Verbs with the vulnerable center Radical 33. Verbs with the susceptible ultimate Radical 34. Cardinal Numbers 35. Ordinal Numbers 36. Exceptions 37. Verbs of ask yourself 38. Adverbs and Adverbials 38. Adverbs and Adverbials 39. Conditional Sentences

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5 Nominal and verbal sentences There are two types of Arabic sentence: nominal sentences ‫ﻤ َّﻴٌﺔ‬ ِ ‫ﺳ‬ ْ g˘ umlatun ismiyyatun, and verbal sentences ُ ‫ﺟْﻤَﻠٌﺔ ِﻓْﻌِﻠ َّﻴٌﺔ‬ ‫ﺟْﻤَﻠٌﺔ‬ ُ g˘ umlatun fi liyyatun. 6 A nominal sentence does not contain a verb and consists of two components: subject and predicate. The subject is usually a noun (phrase) or pronoun in the nominative case. The predicate may be a noun (phrase), pronoun, an indefinite adjective, or an adverb of place or time. g. ُّ ‫َأْﻟـِﻘ‬ ‫ﺾ‬ ٌ ‫ﻂ َﻣِﺮﻳ‬ ‫ﺐ‬ ٌ ‫ﻃﺎِﻟ‬ َ ‫َأَﻧﺎ‬ ana¯ ta¯ libun.

6) ahabba l-musa¯ firu l-qaryata. 2 ˙ The traveller 1liked the village. 2 1 . ‫ﺻـًﺔ‬ َ ‫ﺳـَّﻴـﺎَرًة‬ َ ‫ﺐ ْﻟـُﻤِﺪﻳُﺮ‬ َ ‫َرِﻛ‬ َّ ‫ﺧـﺎ‬ (7) rakiba l-mudıru sayya¯ ratan ha¯ ssatan. ˘ ˙ ˙ 2car. The director 1rode (in) 3a private 3 2 1 . ‫ﻀُﺔ‬ َ ‫ﺖ َْﻷِﻣﻴَﺮُة ْﻟـَﻤِﺮﻳـ‬ ِ ‫َﻣﺎَﺗ‬ (8) ma¯ tati l- amı-ratu l-marı-datu. ˙ 2 1 . ‫ﻛِﺒﻴَﺮٌة‬ َ ‫ﺨـَﺮٌة‬ ْ ‫ﺻـ‬ َ 2 ‫ﺖ‬ ْ ‫َوَﻗَﻌ‬ 1 (9) waqa at sahratun kabı-ratun. ˙ ˘ 1fell down. A big 2rock . ‫ﺴـَﺮى‬ ْ ‫ﺟَﻞ ْﻟُﻴ‬ ْ ‫ﺴَﺮ ْﻟَﻌﺎِﻣُﻞ ﻟَّﺮ‬ َ ‫َﻛ‬ (10) kasara l- a¯ milu r-rig˘ la l-yusra¯ .

3) He (is) popular. (4) The director (is) busy. (5) Yes, he (is) short. (6) (The) life (is) long. (7) This (is) forbidden. (8) The shirt (is) beautiful. (9) A new month (10) The airport (is) nearby. (11) This (is) allowed. (12) The restaurant (is) famous. (13) The relatives (are) in Syria. (14) The food (is) here. (15) The pen (is) there. (16) Where (am) I? (17) The professor (is) sorry. (18) The journalist (is) busy. (19) The dog (is) ill. (20) The shirt (is) clean. (21) The minister (is) from Syria.

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