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By Catherine E. Chambers

Images mix with full of life illustrations and interesting, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers, a multilevel interpreting software bound to seize kid's curiosity whereas constructing their examining abilities and normal wisdom. Ape Adventures recounts numerous real ape-human interactions, highlighting our advanced dating to those attention-grabbing creatures.

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The team climbed into a truck and jerked through the crowded streets. They headed northwest out of the city to the emerald hills of Thailand. Kim drove up a rocky trail and stopped at Wat Don Moun, a large Buddhist monastery. A Buddhist monastery in Thailand 30 The team could hear gentle bells jingling inside the temple, but there was another sound as well— the singing call of happy gibbons. These gibbons had been rescued from illegal traders. Here at the monastery, the monks looked after them well.

A keeper was pushing food through the wire roof of his cage. Great, supper time! The young gorilla jumped onto a pile of soft straw. His agile fingers grabbed a piece of juicy papaya that was buried in the hay. Mmmm, delicious! Papaya 32 Guava He swung around and pounced on some nuts. Sweet and crunchy! He found some guava. Before he could eat it, his big friend, Kwibi, rolled him onto his back and grabbed it! Djalta ate well but he wasn’t very happy that night. He felt uneasy, as if something was going to change.

The jeep skidded to a stop and the family gazed at the wall of trees by the road. “That’s not a monkey,” cried Catherine. ” The total population may be fewer than 300 gorillas. They are only found around the border between Cameroon and Nigeria in Africa. Taking photos of them in the wild is extremely difficult, since they are rare and very wary of humans. Apes or monkeys? Apes and monkeys may look alike but there are important differences. For example, only monkeys have tails, and apes have bigger brains, which helps them make tools.

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