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John Wilson, one of those who was most strongly against her, had taken the notes. Just as she thought, his notes did not match what the ministers had said in court. The next morning, she demanded that the ministers give their testimonies again—this time under oath. She had gotten the ministers into a difficult position. If they gave their testimony under oath and were found to be wrong, they would be guilty of lying in Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 51 Mrs. Hutchinson on Trial court and of taking the name of the Lord in vain.

This was not good news for Anne Hutchinson and her supporters. 39 Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 40 At a time when most women had little education and were expected simply to stay home and raise children, Anne was strong-minded, intelligent, and very accomplished. In addition to her extensive religious work, she delivered babies, acted as a nurse, kept a garden and orchard, and took care of her own large family. Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 41 4 Mrs. Hutchinson on Trial W ith Winthrop in the governor’s seat, Henry Vane prepared to leave the colony and return to England.

Anne Hutchinson was the natural choice, but because she was a woman, no one would dare Anne Hutchinson/Colonial 4 1/16/01 6:21 AM Page 35 The Troubles Begin nominate her for a church office. Fortunately for them, she had a brother-in-law who was a minister and could represent them almost as well. Reverend John Wheelwright was married to William Hutchinson’s sister. He and his family had arrived in the colony in June 1634. He, too, believed and preached the Covenant of Grace and had moved to America after being in trouble with the authorities in England.

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