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It seemed that the worlds of transport, logistics, and location received a critical blow. Of course, that thinking was naive. The Internet has made geography even more relevant and has bound digital and physical worlds closer than ever. It is now possible to do business over much farther distances, and tracking the locations of different components of a business and analyzing them have become all the more important. The emergence of wireless and location services promises to add location to every information item that we use or process.

This includes a brief introduction to the data type that stores spatial data (SDO_GEOMETRY), the query predicates for performing spatial query and analysis, and additional functionality to perform visualization. • A description of how this functionality is packaged into different products that are shipped with different editions of Oracle software. We will discuss the relative merits of each product in turn. • What to expect in a typical install of Oracle Spatial. This knowledge should get you off to a smooth start in spatially enabling your application.

The rest of this book will essentially deal with the models and tools available in Oracle Spatial for storing and processing this type of data for types of analysis like this one. Table 1-1. Steps, Data, and Analysis for Choosing a Site for a Shopping Mall Step Data Analysis Result 1. Select commercial areas. M1: Land use map. ” M5: Commercial areas. A set of polygons with the “commercial” attribute. 2. Select large sites. M2: Sites for sale. Locations described by price, plot size, etc. Select points where the size is larger than a certain value.

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