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Operators, technicians, and engineers will locate the knowledge during this guide beneficial for gaining a simple realizing of the use and alertness of air valves. this can be a precious consultant for choosing, sizing, finding, and fitting air valves in ingesting water provide purposes. insurance contains air valve kinds, valve position, valve orifice sizing, water hammer, set up, operation, protection, and upkeep.

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This chapter provides the basic instructions for using air valves, but it is important that the instructions provided with the valve be carefully reviewed and followed. INSTALLATION Instruction Manual The instruction manual supplied by the manufacturer should be reviewed in detail before installing an air valve. At the job site prior to installation, the air valve should be visually inspected and any packing or foreign material in the interior portion of the valve should be removed. The nameplate information on the air valve should be verified to ensure that the valve coincides with that specified.

For gravity flow 16 method for releasing air 12 for pipeline draining 15 for pipeline filling 14 for releasing air under pressure 11 for special applications 19 16t. 17f. 15f. 15t. 19f. 20f. 18f. P Pipelines air pockets 1 sources of air entry 2 valve locations 7 and water hammer 8f. 25 S Small orifice valves. See Air-release valves V Valve vaults Vertical turbine pumps 29 29f. 9 24 W Water hammer 23 and air/vacuum valves 23 and combination air valves 23 in pipelines 25 and well pumps 24 24f. Well pumps.

15t. selection of 21 and water hammer 23 Air/vacuum valves 18f. C Combination air valves dual-body configurations selection of 5 5f. 5 5f. 22 5f. 22 19 24 21 single-body configurations vault installation and water hammer 5 29f. 23 D Deep-well pumps 9 24f. H Head loss 1 Henry’s law 1 This page has been reformatted by Knovel to provide easier navigation. Copyright (C) 2001 American Water Works Association All Rights Reserved Index Terms Links L Large orifice valves. See Air/vacuum valves O Orifice sizing air capacity table for air-release orifices 12t.

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