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By Stuart A. Rice

Advances in Chemical Physics is the one sequence of references to be had that explores the innovative of analysis in chemical physics. This sequence presents the chemical physics box with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each region of the self-discipline.

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Summary III. Spherical Pendulum and Triatomic Isomerization A. Spherical Pendulum B. LiCN and HCN Isomerization C. Summary IV. Angular Momentum Coupling and Atoms in Crossed Fields A. Spin-Rotation Coupling B. Three Coupled Angular Momenta C. Hydrogen Atom in Crossed Fields D. Summary V. Fermi Resonance A. Three-Dimensional Quantum Monodromy of the Resonant Swing Spring B. Two-Dimensional Quantum Monodromy in Fermi Resonance Polyads 1. Effective Hamiltonian and Critical Points 2. Catastrophe Map 3.

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