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By Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter Gulutzan

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If the same query is executed again, but with new statistics or after an index has been dropped or added, the new execution plan could bring the result set back in a different physical order. com/oracle 51 Oh, why did duplicate rows in the second query get different IDENTITY numbers? In the relational model, they should be treated the same if all the values of all the attributes are identical. There are better ways of creating identifiers, but that is the subject for another column. In the meantime, stop writing bad code, until I can teach you how to write good code.

It prevents you from counting the end of one event and the start of another event as identical moments in time. An open interval minus an open interval gives open intervals as a result and all points are accounted for. But intervals are hard to work with conceptually. Let me give you an actual example that was posted in a newsgroup. We have a table that catches information about the user activity on a system. It is a very simple "log file" that shows when someone starts and ends a session with the system.

This series of articles looks at those basic operators in Standard SQL. Some are implemented directly, some require particular programming tricks and all of them have to be slightly modified to fit into the SQL language model. Relational division is one of the eight basic operations in Codd's relational algebra. The idea is that a divisor table is used to partition a dividend table and produce a quotient or results table. The quotient table is made up of those values of one column for which a second column had all of the values in the divisor.

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