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By William Henry Edwards

William H. Edwards (1822-1909) was once an American entomologist and naturalist whose paintings made an important contribution to clinical learn. First released in 1847, this can be Edwards' own account of his recognized day trip to the Amazon basin. It relates his voyage from long island, brief place of abode within the urban of Par? and exploration of the neighborhood jungle. knowledgeable observer, Edwards describes in interesting element the animals, crops and geography of the area, speaking his pride at every one discovery. Highlights of the quantity comprise brilliant depictions of encounters with anacondas and electrical eels, unique culmination and birds, and observations at the customs of the neighborhood Portuguese and local populations. meant to be used by way of either the naturalist and the final reader, this booklet will captivate someone drawn to the historical past of shuttle and exploration, in addition to the advance of clinical research within the tropics.

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