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By Edsger W. Dijkstra, W. H. J. Feijen, Joke Sterringa

Publication by means of Dijkstra, Edsger W., Feijen, W. H. J., Sterringa, funny story

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1; and Fig. 2(b) shows the same basic view but using the corresponding OPM used and wasTriggeredBy edges. A similar graph can be constructed for the ddep to wasDerivedBy, and idep to wasTriggeredBy correspondences. The Query Language for Provenance (QLP). QLP queries are expressed against provenance trace graphs, and can include constructs for querying the different dimensions of traces including lineage relations among nodes and invocations, in-out edges among input and output structures of invocations, and structural relations among nodes within and across data structures.

The OPM entities included at this tier are: Artifacts, Processes, and Agents. Agents are considered a production batch process; otherwise the developer initiates a VAP run. The Process tracked is the overall VAP script used, and the Artifacts are the sensor streams and VAPs relied upon to create the VAP. These entities rely upon relationships and directionality to form the following statements: Process controlled by Agent, Artifact Generated by Process, and Artifact Used by Process. 4 Discussion In this section we describe how provenance is automated, and how producers and consumers will use the model.

Specifically, adding to an interface is possible, but changing or removing from that interface is not. Andrikopoulos et al. formalize the concepts of service evolution [2]. There are a variety of approaches that seek to develop mechanisms to version Web services including using a chain of adapters [13] and hierarchical abstraction [25]. In order to publish such versions, services are distinguished via namespaces or URLs. In contrast to much of the work for component upgrades, our approach seeks to add capability by updating older workflows rather than only maintaining backward compatibility.

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