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By Brian Bolt

A Mathematical Jamboree follows the very profitable puzzle books by means of an identical writer. It includes 114 puzzles and actions to problem humans of every age. there's a particular remark on the finish of the publication, giving strategies and reasons, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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Marti Multivariant was a somewhat eccentric teacher who travelled to school on the underground railway, from station A near her home to station F near her school. To break the monotony of this daily journey she decided to see how many alternative routes she could find along the rail network shown in the above map. Each day she chose a new route, and found to her delight that she was able to find a different one for each day of the academic year before having to repeat herself. Going home at the end of the day she always took the straight route FEDCBA, but her morning journeys to school confused her pupils, who would often catch sight of her travelling along a line away from school!

Ask them to multiply the number by 10 and then subtract the original number. Now get them to add 234 to the result and give you all but one of the digits of the result, repeating digits if necessary. Within seconds you will be able to give the missing digit! But how? All you have to do is add together the digits you are given and to take them away from the nearest multiple of 9 above their sum. The difference gives the required missing digit! For example, a person keys in 35 241, multiplies by 10 to give 352410, subtracts 35 241 to give 317 169, and adds 234 to give 317 403.

Professor Integer had spent a lifetime researching the properties of whole numbers, so even though he was now retired he didn't miss interesting coincidences relating to numbers. One day he realised that his son's age plus those of his four granddaughters equalled his own. ). As if that wasn't enough his own age corresponded to the smallest number which could not be expressed by the sum of fewer than five different Fibonacci numbers. So what were all their ages? 103 Triangulation? The four fields represented by the adjoining maps are up for sale as a building site, and the surveyor has surveyed them and given the measurements shown.

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