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8). In the case of F i p 2-7 - 2-15, given in Figun 2-16 is taken from a d text nrrnated by another female speaker. Each figure consists of a waveform, an F, extract and a haif wideband w. Vertical lines are drawn to show the segmentation. Each segment is a l l i g d with its phonemic &@on givenm u h e a t h .

Rule 2-3 Realisation of Archinasal N -> [m] 1 ,Labial Consonant [n] I - Coronal StopIRhotic - [m] [II] I - # Labial Consonant [IJ]I Elsewhere (transcribed as ng) (transcribed as ng) (transcribed as m ng) (transcribed as ng) - The worddphrases exemplified above are represented respectively as: honna (/hoNna/) - lhese wo facts that nasalisation of the preceding vowel occurs instead of [n] befom [s], and that the velsr nasal occurs in word-final position may suggest that the p~ferredtongue position to pronounce /N/ is in the back.

Vertical lines are drawn to show the segmentation. Each segment is a l l i g d with its phonemic &@on givenm u h e a t h .

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