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By Russell G. Schuh

A Grammar of Miya describes a language of the Chadic kinfolk spoken in Northern Nigeria. this is often the 1st documentation of Miya other than notice lists. The grammar describes all facets of the language. Of specific typological curiosity are the tone process, a "terraced point" approach during which tone operates over multi-syllabic domain names, and notice order, that is VXS in lots of contexts.

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HH I I cfurcfur NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Lexical INITIALH H * I dlorkiy HL * I I aniyho H *1'... shinako HH H H I 1\ I I shinako auraur 33, Further remarks on LOW RAISING, The rule of LOW RAISING deserves additioual commentary. 1, this rule raises the first syllable of a L domain following a L if that syllable begins in a consonant other than a voiced obstruent. Voiced obstruents for the purposes of this rule comprise the non-prenasalized voiced stops, affricates, and fricatives (b, d, g, gw, dz,j, v, z, zh, dl).

KUdiiw 'south', gooroo 'kola nut', moota 'car' Call from Hausa) lOIn vydad'f, the second mora is a and is thus linked to underlying H, but because of TONE LEVELING, only toe tone of the first mora of that syllable is heard. In and()rkwaana, the third mora is -r- and is thus underlying linked to L. Again, this L is not heard because of TONE LEVELING. 11 I have found one problematic word, tyuwlaaJ[n [- - - ] 'cattle egret'. The first two moras of this word are II-W, meaning that the second tooe should be associated with the next mora, a, giving the tooe pattern *tytiwldalin.

There is one substantive item and several monosyllabic grammatical morphemes which have the following tone pattern: (a) H after L (b) H after H, but at the same level rather than downstepped H (c) H phrase initial Characteristic (a) suggests that the underlying tone is H, but characteristics (b) and (c) are behaviors expected of Toneless domains via TONE SPREAD and DEFAULT H TONE respectively. Because the words in question always bear H tone, I conceive of them as underlying H but marked to not undergo INITIAL H LOWERING or HIGH REGISTER SETTING after H.

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